Best practice in designing and delivering pre-apprenticeship programmes


28 02 2019

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Current project
Learning and Work Institute is working in partnership with J.P. Morgan to explore and promote best practice in the delivery of pre-apprenticeship programmes in Europe and other parts of the world. This builds upon successful work undertaken in 2018-19. The current stage of the project involves identifying effective pre-apprenticeship programmes, producing a series of case studies and facilitating innovative peer learning and knowledge exchange amongst providers.

We’re focussing on identifying and promoting programmes that enable young people from all backgrounds to gain the skills and experience they need, to successfully bridge the gap to an apprenticeship. Alongside identifying what works, we’re particularly interested in programmes that have developed good practice in four key areas:

  • Development of digital skills;
  • Blended learning approaches;
  • ‘Learn to learn’ attitudes and skills;
  • Development of soft/transversal skills.

Have something interesting to share?

We’re keen to learn about a broad range of pre-apprenticeship programmes, in all parts of the world, and the difference they make to young people’s lives. Please get in touch to tell us about your programme, or to receive information about new materials and opportunities to engage with the project, as it progresses.

Previous project
Alongside a range of research we carried out deep dive study visits to five organisations where we explored their pre-apprenticeship programmes in detail, speaking to providers, employers and young people, as well as carrying out observations of learning both in the classroom and in the workplace.

A key part of this project was a successful knowledge exchange workshop which brought together 30 delegates from 10 different countries across Europe. The event provided a platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of ideas and approaches. The key findings and messages from our activities have informed the development of interactive resources and tools for use by providers and stakeholders involved in the design and delivery of pre-apprenticeship programmes across Europe, including:

  • 5 short films which act as learning modules and showcase different elements of best practice
  • Case studies and best practiced guides